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Increase Airbnb Curb Appeal With These 8 Tips

Though we try our best not to, it’s human nature to judge a book by its cover, and curb appeal is proof. That’s because the visual attractiveness of a property not only sells, but shows the level of care and dedication by a property owner or manager. Curb appeal can affect how potential guests, neighbors and even investors perceive not only your property, but level of professionalism.

But, how does one optimize an Airbnb’s curb appeal? We’d break it into two distinct categories: impactful maintenance and game-changing upgrades. Let’s take a closer look:

Keep it clean.

  • Maintain landscaping: This is a textbook example of how to improve your Airbnb’s curb appeal. Regularly pulling weeds and pruning overgrown plants can help your property flourish. Incorporating easy to maintain plants such as perennials makes the job even easier.

  • Pressure wash the driveway: A deep clean of the driveway is a quick and satisfying way to increase the attractiveness of your Airbnb at first glance. You can easily hire someone for this or do it yourself in an afternoon.

  • Keep the property free of debris: Sounds simple – but maintaining a clean, well kept property with guests moving in and out regularly is easier said than done. Consider collaborating with a trash removal company that specializes in vacation rentals to ensure unattractive trash bins never even hit the curb.

  • Hide eyesores: Build a fence or enclosure around rusting AC units. Keep maintenance equipment in a nearby shed or offsite entirely. Efforts to keep eyesores at bay go a long way when it comes to curb appeal.

Improve with small upgrades.

  • Paint the front door: Rather than potentially breaking the bank with an entirely new door, try painting the one you have a bright, inviting color that complements the exterior of the home. Once that’s done and dried, hang up a seasonal wreath and replace the door mat with a fresh one.

  • Switch out house numbers & door hardware: Head down to your local hardware store and pick out some new, modern house numbers to give your Airbnb an easy facelift. While you’re there, consider picking out some new door hardware to complement your recent paint job.

  • Incorporate some potted plants or flowers: Beyond your regular landscaping, you might try adding some potted plants or flowers to the front porch or stoop to improve curb appeal. Such small touches can take your curb appeal to the next level.

  • Add a seating area: Whether it’s a bench in the garden or a few chairs on the front porch next to your newly potted plants, a seating area at the front of the property helps to give the property a welcoming, homey feel for passersby and guests alike.

All in all, regular inspection and improvement go a long way. Looking at your Airbnb with a fresh eye on an ongoing basis, hiring specialized teams, as well as tapping into minor upgrades here or there can truly increase your Airbnb’s curb appeal.

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