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Impress Vacation Rental Guests With These 5 Tips

Let’s face it – the short term rental market is super competitive and will only become more so as rentals continue to grow. As of 2021, there were more than 1 million short term rentals available in the United States. Research shows that number is expected to grow by nearly 20% in 2022 alone. With so many options for vacation rental guests to choose from, it’s only natural for owners to feel the need to go above and beyond to impress their guests.

From basic must-haves to stand-out surprise and delight initiatives, we’re here to break down how you can attract and impress potential guests, even in a sea of short term rental options:

1. Shine with a Spotless Space (Inside & Out)

There is no worse feeling than arriving at your vacation rental to a previous guest’s mess. Whether it be forgotten trash or general untidiness, a dirty space is the easiest way to earn a negative review. Luckily, setting up solid systems in advance can ensure your space shines when guests arrive for their getaway.

Let’s take a look at it from the inside out. First, hire a trusted cleaning team to manage post check-out cleanings. Working closely with the team at first and providing helpful guides like a must clean checklist can increase the odds that the job gets done well each and every time. Once in a while, do a deep clean to tackle hard to reach spots. Secondly, consider your outdoor space. Schedule regular landscape maintenance and consider outsourcing dirty jobs like trash removal and pest control.

2. Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Speaking of outdoor spaces, enhancing your curb appeal is a great way to guarantee a winning first impression and gain ongoing brownie points. Start by standing on the sidewalk and taking in your property from every angle. Are there any blatant eyesores like stained siding or drooping plants? Any potential hazards such as uneven boards or stones? Consider how regularly scheduled maintenance activities like garbage pick-up and package deliveries might affect your curb appeal and think of ways to streamline and beautify despite those disturbances.

3. Start Strong With A Welcome Gift

A wonderful way to welcome vacation rental guests is with a thoughtful gift. Not only does such an act of kindness show that you care about the guest experience, it also indicates that your property and rental property business means a lot to you.

Such a gift does not have to be costly or overly complex – but rather simply thoughtful and encompassing of a variety of audiences. For example, it might include a locally sourced product from your area, some sweets or snacks or even a few cold beers left in the fridge for guests to enjoy while settling in.

4. Leave Local Recommendations

Another way to wow your vacation rental guests is by leaving some local recommendations to further enhance their vacation experience beyond your rental. Again, this is a stellar way of showing your regard for the guest experience as well as further humanizes you as a vacation rental owner, deepening guests’ connection to the area and appreciation for your rental space. Your recommendations could simply be printed on a laminated sheet and stuck to the fridge or digitized as a local guide, which platforms like AirBnB make easy.

5. Level up with Low Cost Upgrades

Lastly, every time you can afford a low cost upgrade, you are in turn increasing the chances of impressing guests and standing out from the competition. Maybe you repaint a bedroom or replace cabinet hardware in the kitchen. If you have a little more to spare, you might consider investing in new outdoor furniture or if you’re in a centralized location, buying a couple of bicycles for easy exploration of the area.

Rental upgrades don’t always have to come in the form of a physical enhancement. If the numbers are right, there may come a time where you are ready to upgrade by means of expanding your network. That might mean working with a marketing team, specialized trash removal company, or interior decorating firm.

All in all, the more effort you put into your vacation rental, the more likely you are to impress guests. Remember, consistency is key. By considering these tips and implementing them on a regular basis, you are sure to stand out in the vast sea of short term rental properties.

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