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How to Attract Gen Z To Your Short-Term Rental

Howdy! It's your favorite furry friend, the Ragin' Raccoon, here to answer the burning question, “How do I attract the emerging Gen Z generation to my short term rental?”

If you’re instead wondering, “Why Gen Z specifically?” The answer is – they’re the future. Born in the late ‘90s and onwards, this consumer group has surpassed millennials in spending, with their global spend sitting at nearly $100 billion (that’s almost $35 million more than their millennial counterparts). Gen Zs also have a grip on their Gen X parents who spend the most of any US population ever. In short, you don’t want to miss out on Gen Z’s business. So, let’s get started on how to reel them in and keep them happy:

  1. Curate Experiences: Gen Z is all about a good time. According to Inphantry, “Gen Z craves authentic brand experiences, something tangible and tactile. They also are generally categorized as favoring memories and experiences as opposed to owning material goods.” As a short term rental owner, you might offer local tours or at the least provide a comprehensive list of exciting events or attractions in your area.

  2. Prioritize Convenience: Born into modern conveniences, this generation demands convenience and a sense of genuine care from business owners. What does this mean for you? Get rid of the chores list. TikTok user @melworeit summarizes it best: guests do not want to organize, tidy or take out the trash while staying at a short-term rental, especially when they’re already being charged a cleaning fee. Consider outsourcing these tasks to specialized value-add partners, like an automated trash removal partner that’s a guest experience within itself.

  3. Tap Into Tech: We’re not just talking fast-wifi or a smart tv which are non-negotiables for Gen Z. As a vacation rental owner, you’re going to need to invest in some smart tech to impress these digital natives. We’re talking about smart locks, thermostats and speakers. Take it from a raccoon with experience; ensuring our services integrated seamlessly with existing property management software and incorporated smart QR codes for guests to easily scan, helped take our business to the next level.

  4. Don’t Forget Aesthetics: Last but not least, let’s talk about visual appeal. The kings and pioneers of social media influencing, this consumer group craves a curated look. As a short term rental owner, it’s important to incorporate eye-catching interior design into your properties and ensure they’re photographed well. Though Gen Z’s primary driver is authenticity, pairing that with aesthetics will help to seal the deal.

Well, that’s a wrap. Follow these tips and you'll be sure to attract Gen Z to your short-term rental in no time. And who knows, maybe you'll even become the go-to spot for this hip and happening generation. Until next time – keep it wild.

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