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4 Ways Per-Checkout Trash Removal Helps Vacation Rental Owners

As a vacation rental owner or property manager, you’re likely constantly balancing a multitude of to-dos to ensure your rentals are always ready to welcome the next guest. From cleaning to coordinating, there’s so much to manage when transitioning from one guest to another. Even with well documented processes and supporting software, unexpected outliers can make for nightmare scenarios.

Let’s be real – guests can leave behind a real mess. With just hours between checkouts and check-ins, you need reliable trash pickup to ensure a smooth changeover. Without help, automating vacation rental trash removal can be near impossible. You’re likely unable to manage it yourself for each and every checkout and you surely can’t count on the city to remove trash in a consistent and timely manner.

Per-Checkout Trash Removal

That’s where per-checkout trash removal comes in. Offered by Airbnb trash removal partners with tailored solutions built specifically for vacation rental owners and property managers, per-checkout trash removal ensures your vacation rental is refreshed and ready to welcome the next guest on time, every time. What does this mean for rental owners and managers?

  1. Eliminates Risk: Plain and simple, adding per-checkout trash removal means you remove the risk of mess for your next guest. It also means you eliminate the worry of wondering if the city will show up on time for their regularly scheduled trash pickup. Lastly, it wipes out the need for you or one of your employees to be on-site or on-call to ensure trash is removed on time – which leads us to our next point.

  2. Automated, Integrated Process: There are trash removal companies, and then there are tech-enabled trash removal companies like ourselves. Ragin’ Raccoon’s proprietary mobile application integrates with your existing property management software, meaning we are automatically notified when a guest checks out and send a driver to your property to quickly and safely haul away the trash before the next check-in – knocking out your involvement altogether. If you’re not currently using software to manage your rentals, that’s okay too. We can still add your checkouts to our daily routes.

  3. Refreshed Rentals & Squeaky Clean Check-Ins: Check-in is guests’ first on-site impression of your property. Arriving to a fresh, clean accommodation is bound to be factored into reviews which are the bread and butter of any Airbnb or vacation rental business. Working with a trash pickup partner helps ensure that guests’ first impressions are sparkling.

  4. Saves Time & Headspace: Partnering with a trash pickup partner means you can focus your energy where it matters. Adding per-checkout trash removal allows you to expand your vacation rental or property management business, knowing you have trash removal handled as you grow and scale.

With so much to balance, it’s a great feeling to take trash removal off of your plate. If you have any questions, our team is here with an answer.

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