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3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Airbnb Rental Owners

Spring has sprung and the crowds of summer vacationers are just around the corner. The spring season is the ideal time for Airbnb rental owners to start fresh with a deep spring cleaning of their space. No matter how well a rental is managed and maintained on the day-to-day, there is always a need for some thorough upkeep and overhaul every now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what and where needs to be addressed. We totally get it – which is why we put together this guide of our three top spring cleaning tips for Airbnb rental owners like yourself:

1. Deep Clean Forgotten Spaces:

Even the most detail-oriented cleaning team misses a spot or too. In many cases, there just isn’t the time to cover every nook or cranny:

  • Take everything out of drawers & cabinets to reorganize items and wipe down surfaces where they normally sit.

  • Ensure all ceiling fans are well dusted.

  • Wash hard to reach spots like behind doors, under sinks and behind toilets.

  • Take some paint or a magic eraser and touch up dirty spots on interior walls.

  • Remove screens from windows to brush and dust.

  • Scrub the insides and outsides of all trash cans.

2. Replace or Refresh Important Items:

As an Airbnb rental owner, you may look at your rental space so often that you miss when items go from worn to plain dirty and dingy. It’s okay – it happens to the best of us but a spring cleaning session is a perfect time to replace & refresh those unnoticed eyesores:

  • Replace door mats – front, back, and side doors, please!

  • If you’re in a warm weather climate, replace those air conditioner filters. If you’re in a cold weather market, have your fireplace professionally cleaned.

  • Replace all of the batteries in your smoke detectors.

  • Check on shower curtains, bath mats, towels, and bed linens to see what may need to be deep cleaned or replaced altogether.

  • If you keep a stocked pantry for guests, check on expiration dates and overall freshness to see what may need to be refreshed.

  • Have a look at the shower and sink heads to ensure cleanliness and that pressure isn’t being inhibited by mineral build-up.

3. Get Help & Save Time:

Exhausted by your list of spring cleaning to-dos yet? Luckily our last tip is all about outsourcing where it matters to help automate and accelerate your Airbnb vacation rental for the year ahead:

  • Make a list of these spring cleaning to-dos and hire your regular cleaning team for an extra session to take care of deep cleaning for you once or twice a year.

  • Collaborate with an Airbnb trash service that specializes in vacation rentals and integrates directly with your favorite property management software. We’re here to help with that one.

  • Call a local carpet cleaning company to schedule annual carpet cleaning in conjunction with your spring cleaning efforts.

  • Consider reaching out to a landscaping company for regular outdoor upkeep to avoid the build-up of weeds and debris.

We hope this guide for spring cleaning your Airbnb was helpful and wish you a successful spring, summer and beyond.

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