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A vacation rental guest is holding a smelly bag of trash. They're wearing heavy-duty cleaning gloves and covering their face. They don't look very happy.

Don't make your guests take out the trash

Let us do the dirty work

Ragin' Raccoon is Vacation Rental Trash Removal.

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We take out the trash so your guests don't have to.
Who are we?

We're Ragin' Raccoon. Founded in 2021, Ragin' Raccoon is the first trash removal company built specifically for short term & vacation rentals.

Unlike services that simply push bins, we're onsite to fully-remove trash every time!

Our flagship Smart-Checkout and On-Demand services ensure that your guests never have to worry about the trash. We bridge the gap between tech, trash and hospitality to create a seamless experience for our partners and their guests.


We provide the most effective trash removal for your rental with our honest pricing guarantee.

how it works in 3 steps!

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Your guests book their stay.

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Why Choose Us?


The first of its kind, our flagship tech allows us to show up after each guest automatically! No scheduling needed!

Free On-Demand*

Same-day service in 60 min or less.* Never worry about a trash emergency again!

On your time

We're available 5 days a week and can cover holidays** & weekends.


With our customer PM dashboard, you can see all service details including: before & after photos and timestamps.

Free On-Demand only available for Smart-Checkout. Time is Based on average service times*

Holiday schedules may vary based on market**

Some of Our Services


Smart-Checkout is the first of its kind for vacation rentals. We sync with the leading property management software to automatically schedule trash removal services. We're onsite after every guest and completely remove the trash.

Only available in select markets*


Our On-Demand service is as simple as that. You need us and we're there. We arrive within 24 hours. Billed per pickup. This service is free with our Smart-Checkout service, only.


Easy-Bin is for property managers who don't want to rock the boat. With this once a week service, we push your bins to the curb for city-removal & return them the following day. A cost-effective alterative to full-trash removal.


Christy F.

I can't recommend RR enough. They are incredibly professional, accommodating and most of all...convenient!
They remove trash from over 50 properties that my company manages and it is such a seamless process. I never have to worry about trash, and neither do my guests.

Josh M.

100% Recommend! I did not know a service like this existed but it has made life so much easier, wish i knew about it sooner. On top of that, the customer service was superb!

Scott Y.

Ragin' Raccoon has been a great partner to my short-term (airbnb) rental business. They come after every check-out and remove the trash so that our new guests don't show up with bin loads of trash in the backyard. Scheduling is automatic so I have not had to change much operationally to use them. Thanks RR!

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Ragin' Raccoon was built for vacation rental trash.

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